Posted by: Mandy Bai | January 29, 2012

Game of the Week: Battleheart

If you are looking for a unique roleplaying and real-time strategy game, Battleheart is a great choice, from the developer of Zombieville, available on iPhone, iPad and Android. In simple words, you are commanding up to 4 heroes in a battle against waves of monsters. But, each battle is unique depending on the hero’s attack, skills, weapons & armours, which are all customizable.

There are 9 different classes of heroes to be hired in the Tavern: Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Knight, Monk, Rogue, Witch, Wizard, Paladin. Some classes have more than one heroes to choose from. Each class has its active and passive skills, learned every 5 levels, that can be used in a battle or permanently strengthen their power. Some class are more effective at different battles, plan your strategy.

After each battle, you earn some coins and one item of weapon/amour/accessory, every survived hero also earns XP to level up. Their stats increase after each level, and you can purchase merchant that are special designed for each class to raise their stats as well. One notes is that the available items are randomized after each battle, so check back often.

There are more than 30 maps to battle, as always, the monsters get stronger at later stages. There are a few boss battles, and the Arena, where there are unlimited number of monsters, and you are awarded with a nice piece of equipment depending on the number of kills you get during your survival. Don’t give up, some higher stats equipment can only be obtained through the Arena.

My favourite hero so far is the Paladin, what’s yours? Explore your options!


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